Clinical trial site for COVID-19 investigational vaccine study.
2020 / House Subcommittee Testimony
Dr. Ruth Karron testifies at the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy virtual briefing entitled “Guardrails to Ensure a Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccine.”
2014 World Vaccine Congress Winner
Dr. Anna P. Durbin, Associate Professor at the Center for Immunization Research at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is the lead Investigator for Dengue vaccine clinical trials.  The Dengue Program is the World Vaccine Congress 2014 winner for “Best Academic Research Team.”
To read more about the program and nominations: Announcing the 2014 ViE Awards Winners
2013 / PATH Vaccine Development Program – Shigella vaccine trial
Dr. Clayton D. Harro, Principal Investigator, in collaboration with PATH Vaccine Development Program and enteric vaccine project, received promising results from a Phase I dose-escalation trial of a monovalent, killed Shigella whole cell vaccine prototype. The vaccine was well tolerated, and 90 percent of the vaccinees receiving the highest dose level developed a statistically significant immune response.
To read more: Positive results for bacterial diarrhea vaccine
2013/ NIH-developed candidate dengue vaccine shows promise in early-stage trial
Dr. Anna P. Durbin, Principal Investigator, in collaboration with the NIH  developed a candidate dengue vaccine. The Phase I clinical trial, launched in July 2010, was conducted in Baltimore; Burlington, VT; and Washington, D.C. The researchers found that all four candidate vaccine combinations induced antibody responses against each of the dengue viruses. However, one vaccine combination, TV003, appeared to induce the most balanced antibody response against the dengue viruses.
To read more: NIH-developed candidate dengue vaccine shows promise in early-stage trial
2012 / ACIP Appointment
Dr. Ruth Karron was appointed to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The ACIP is a group of medical and public health experts that develops recommendations on how to use vaccines to control diseases in the United States.
2011 / Norovirus Vaccine Against Experimental Human Norwalk Virus Illness
This norovirus VLP vaccine provides protection against illness and infection after challenge with a homologous virus. (Funded by LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals and the National Institutes of Health; number.
2009 / PATH/EVI
Developed and validated low-inoculum ETEC challenge model in human volunteers that enabled 2 log reduction in  challenge strain while maintainging consistently high attack rates.
2009 / CSL Limited
Principal Investigators and lead site in a large multicenter trial of a pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine.
2006//NIH/NIAID & MedImmune
First human trials of a live attenuated H5N1 A/AA ca avian influenza virus vaccine.
Phase II field study finds an ETEC vaccine delivered transcutaneously by arm patch protects travelers to Guatemala and Mexico.
2005-2006//Merck & Co.
Lead clinical trial site for first human studies of a preventive S. aureus vaccine.
First human trials of a live attenuated West Nile virus vaccine.
2005-2006//NIH/NIAID & MedImmune
First human trials of a live attenuated H9N2 A/AA ca avian influenza virus vaccine.
New recombinant anthrax vaccine (rPA-102) shown to be safe & immunogenic in multi-center trials carried out in Baltimore & other U.S. cities.
First human trial to evaluate the protective efficacy of an ETEC vaccine delivered transcutaneously by an arm patch.
First human trial of malaria transmission blocking vaccine.
Pre-clinical study finds that immune complexes play a role in enhanced RSV disease.
2001-2006//Merck & Co.
Lead site for the first human testing of a live-attenuated adenovirus vectored HIV vaccine.
2000-2005//NIH/DAIDS/HVTN & AlphaVax, Inc.
Lead clinical trial site for 1st human study of HIV vaccine using Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis vector.
Challenge studies evaluating ETEC vaccines demonstrated that anti-CS3 serum IgA titer is a marker for protection against strains sharing this colonization factor.
First human trial of intranasal Shigella vaccine demonstrated short-term protection against Shigella flexneri in an experimental challenge model.
First human trial of a recombinant dengue virus vaccine; additional trials are ongoing.
Multicenter clinical trials that led to licensure of Rifamixin for treatment of traveler’s diarrhea.
1998-2002//SBL Vaccines
Established efficacy of whole cell ETEC vaccine in field trials in Guatemala & Mexico.
1998-2003//VaxGen, Inc.
Lead clinical trial site in first phase III HIV vaccine trial.
Lead clinical trial site for first human studies of live attenuated recombinant RSV vaccines.
Leading single dose, oral cholera (Peru-15) & typhoid vaccines (MICRO-TY/ZH9) shown to be safe & immunogenic in early Phase I/II trials performed in Baltimore & Vermont (typhoid only).
First human trials of a preventive human papillomavirus cervical cancer vaccine (HPV 16). This virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine was the progenitor of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) recently licensed by the FDA, & of a second vaccine (Cervarix) currently in phase III trials.
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