Currently Enrolling Outpatient
Dose Study to Protect Against Dengue Virus (CIR 332)


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of repeated oral doses to protect against exposure to dengue virus.  The study (is):

  • enrolling people 18-55 years old
  • 3 months long
  • 2-3 screening visits
  • visits every other day for one month
  • 1 two-night inpatient stay
  • 1 Dengue challenge visit
  • 8 follow up visits
  • pays up to $4165 for completion of all study procedures

Complete the Pre-Screening Survey to see if you qualify for an in-person screening visit

Complete the CIR Contact Form to be contacted by a CIR staff member

More about Dengue Virus

Screening Dates

Next group scheduled for admission in January 2023!  In-person screening appointments will resume in November 2022.

*first screening visit is not compensated.  Parking sticker or MTA tokens will be provided for transportation.

Screening Location

CIR @ Johns Hopkins Hampton House
624 N. Broadway Rm. 117
Baltimore, MD 21205

Study Period

3 months


Up to $4165 for completion of all study procedures


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