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Shingrix and Flu Vaccine Study (CIR 345)


This research study aims to compare the safety of administering Shingrix (shingles vaccine) at the same time as FLUAD or Fluzone High-Dose influenza vaccines in older people.  The study (is):

  • enrolling people 65 years old and older
  • 3.5 months long
  • includes 4 clinic visits and 5 phone calls
  • pays up to $325
  • offers Shingriz and Flu vaccines free of charge for people who are enrolled

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Screening Dates

Call us at 410-955-7283 to schedule a screening appointment.

Screening Location

CIR at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Campus
301 Building 4th Floor
301 Mason Lord Drive
Baltimore, MD 21224

Study Period

3.5 months


Up to $325 for completion of all study procedures


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