Currently Enrolling Outpatient
Zika Vaccine Outpatient Study (CIR 318)


The purpose of this investigational vaccine study is to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the first live attenuated ZIKV to be evaluated in humans. The study (is):

  • 6 months long
  • enrolling 18-50 year olds
  • includes 2-3 screening visits, 1 vaccine visit, 13 follow up visits with most occurring the first 3 weeks after enrollment
  • pays up to $1520 for completion of all study procedures

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Screening Dates

Tuesday April 20, 2021
Thursday April 22, 2021
Tuesday April 27, 2021
Thursday April 29, 2021
Tuesday May 4, 2021
Thursday May 6, 2021


*first screening visit is not compensated.  Parking sticker or MTA tokens will be provided for transportation.

Screening Location

CIR Isolation Unit
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Campus
301 Building 4th Floor
301 Mason Lord Drive
Baltimore, MD 21224

Study Period

Tentative vaccination date is May 3, 2021.  The study will continue for 6 months after the last enrollment date.


Up to $1520 for completion of all study procedures.

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