Dr. Ruth Karron Recognized for her Work in Vaccine Research and Policy

In the recent article: “Influenzers in Action: COVID-19 Response-Celebrating Influenza through Leaders and Advocates”, CIR’s Director Dr. Ruth Karron’s work in vaccine research and policy was recognized among leaders in the field of vaccine research.  The article celebrates the contributions being made by visionary thought leaders in vaccine science, public health policy, and pandemic preparedness […]


Dr. Anna Durbin Discusses COVID-19 Vaccine Development with Bill Nye

Dr. Anna Durbin recently participated in a podcast with Bill Nye best known from the hit TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Dr. Durbin and Bill Nye discuss COVID19 vaccine development, Project WARP Speed and what it will take to have a successful roll out of an effective vaccine.   This podcast is not only […]


NIH Clinical Trial Shows Remdesivir Accelerates Recovery from Advanced COVID-19

Hospitalized patients with advanced COVID-19 and lung involvement who received remdesivir recovered faster than similar patients who received placebo, according to a preliminary data analysis from a randomized, controlled trial involving 1063 patients, which began on February 21. The trial (known as the Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial, or ACTT), sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and […]

Dr. Ruth Karron Discusses COVID-19 Vaccine Development

The traditional vaccine development process can take up to 20 years to produce a safe and effective vaccine for use in the general public.  Scientists have been looking for ways to shorten the period of time it takes to produce a viable vaccine once a virus with pandemic potential is identified. On a recent podcast, […]


What Will it Take to Develop a Vaccine for COVID-19?

“There are aspects of the trials that just can’t be rushed. It takes time to develop an immune response to the vaccine, and it also takes time to evaluate the safety of these vaccines.”


In the race for coronavirus vaccines, don’t leave pregnant women behind

Ensuring there’s a vaccine that can be offered to pregnant women is critical to health equity. While there are only limited data on how severe Covid-19 infection is in pregnancy, data from other coronaviruses suggest that pregnant women may face more severe disease, adverse obstetrical outcomes, and greater mortality from them. Development of coronavirus vaccines that pregnant women aren’t able to use would be not only a tragedy but a grave injustice. Yet if old paradigms persist, that is exactly what will transpire.


Public Health News and Information Sources List now available on CIR website.

Public Health News and Information Sources List now available on CIR website. Public Health News and Information Sources 19SEPT2019


NIH Renews Contract with the Center for Immunization Research to Continue the Development and Evaluation of Life-Saving Vaccines

The Johns Hopkins Center for Immunization Research (CIR) will continue its partnership  at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), to develop vaccines for infectious diseases of global importance (NIAID Contract 75N93019D00031; award up to $73 milion).