Dr. Anna Durbin Set to Participate in a Panel Discussion on the Future of Arbovirus Vaccines

CIR Faculty: Anna Durbin, MD

What is the current landscape for dengue, zika and other arbovirus vaccines?  Which other arboviruses should be prioritized for vaccine development or for improvements of the existing vaccine(s)?  How will the immune response to one virus affect that of another?  What are the challenges to funding and commercializing arbovirus vaccines?  These are some of the questions that will be discussed at the World Vaccine and Immunology Congress West Coast’s Panel discussion about the future of arbovirus vaccine research.  The CIR’s own Dr. Anna Durbin will participate in the discussion, bringing her expertise in flavivirus vaccine research to the talk.

Dr. Durbin has conducted flavivirus investigational vaccine trials at the CIR since 1999.  She began evaluating monovalent investigational Dengue vaccines, identifying effective vaccines for each of the four dengue types individually and eventually combined the most promising monovalent vaccines into several quadrivalent vaccine candidates.  The best quadrivalent vaccine (TV003) is now being used in Phase III trials in Dengue endemic countries.  Currently, Dr. Durbin is the Principal Investigator for a first-in-human Zika investigational vaccine trial.

Dr. Durbin will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in arbovirus vaccine research to the upcoming panel discussion at the World Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress West Coast.  We hope that this discussion will bring attention to the importance of arbovirus vaccine development.