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Adult Screening Study (CIR200)

Screening study enrolling healthy adults 18 years old and older.

Study Background

Johns Hopkins CIR conducts research studies to evaluate new vaccines and other interventions for the prevention of infectious diseases. The CIR also conducts basic clinical research to help determine how germs and viruses cause disease. To enroll these studies, it is necessary to screen potential participants to assess their general health and basic eligibility.  This may be done by conducting physical exams, collecting medical history and performing laboratory tests.  This screening study allows CIR researchers to start the recruitment and screening process for new studies before IRB approval of individual studies. People who successfully complete the screening study may join our vaccine and challenge clinical trials.

Inclusion criteria includes:

  • 18+ years old
  • Non pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Generally healthy
  • Available to complete study visits in the Baltimore/Metro area 

What will happen if I participate in a study?

Potential volunteers will undergo a pre-screening evaluation and may be invited to attend an in-person screening visit, based on the outcome of the pre-screening evaluation. The screening study may require one or more visits to determine eligibility. The types of procedures that will be performed during screening are related to current and planned CIR vaccine or intervention trials. In addition to completing the consenting process, in-person screening visits will likely include filling out one or more questionnaires about your health, blood collection for laboratory testing and a physical exam to determine health status.

People who are considered eligible for our studies based on their screening results will be asked to consider participating in a specific IRB approved trial.

Will I be paid for being in a research study?

A parking pass or bus/subway tokens may be provided however, there is no payment for participating in the screening study.  If enrolled in a study after screening, you may receive

  • Up to $2250 for outpatient studies
  • Up to $6100 for inpatient studies

Will it cost me anything to participate?

There is no cost for participation in this study.


Screening Dates

Screening dates vary depending on the study you are screening for.  Study staff will inform you of available screening dates.

Screening Locations

Screening visits may be scheduled at the CIR Outpatient Clinic on the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Campus or at the CIR Inpatient Unit at Johns Hopkins Bayview. 

Study Period

Participation in the screening study lasts from the time you sign the consent until the time you are enrolled in a vaccine or intervention study at the CIR OR one year after the consent was signed.

People may participate in the screening study multiple times to screen for studies at the CIR. 


There is no compensation for the adult screening study. Participants will receive MTA tokens or a parking sticker for visits.  People who are enrolled in a vaccine or intervention study will receive compensation at specific timepoints after enrollment (these timepoints vary by study).