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Join a CIR Study

Research studies for adults 18-55 years old are enrolling now!

Be a part of a research study

Participating in a vaccine trial or clinical study as a healthy volunteer can be an incredibly rewarding experience – and volunteers are vital to the development of new treatments and vaccines to combat global disease threats. Participants contribute to important medical progress, may get licensed vaccines at no cost, and may receive financial compensation for participating.

Why is Finding Safe and Effective Vaccines Important?

Finding safe and effective vaccines plays an important role in public health.  Dr. Beulah Sabundayo discusses some of the reasons why vaccine research, licensure and administration helps communities. See the full interview below.

How does a vaccine become licensed?

Investigational vaccines undergo several steps to determine whether they are good candidates for human clinical trials.  They undergo even more steps, or phases, before they are determined to be safe and effective for the general population.  Learn more about this process with CIR faculty member, Dr. Beulah Sabundayo.