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Dengue Vax/Zika Challenge (CIR 369)

Outpatient Study enrolling healthy adults 18-40 years old

The purpose of this study is to test the effects of the ZIKA virus against a Dengue vaccine. We hope to see if the Dengue vaccine is effective to protect individuals against the Zika virus. 

The study is:

  • 1 year long
  • enrolling healthy adults 18-40 years old
  • at least 2 screening visits
  • 1 vaccination visit
  • 12 follow up visits after vaccination
  • 1 zika challenge visit
  • 19 follow up visits after challenge

Screening Dates

New screening dates coming later this spring.  Check back for updates!

Screening Location(s)

CIR at Hampton House

624 N. Broadway Rm. 117

Baltimore, MD 21205

Study Period

One year


Up to $6100