• Now Recruiting for COVID-19 Vaccine Research Study

COVID-19 and Vaccine Research
In keeping with the CIR’s mission to facilitate the development of vaccines for infectious diseases of global importance, the Center has begun recruitment and enrollment efforts for COVID-19 investigational vaccines. Dr. Anna Durbin discusses the need for volunteers to participate in upcoming studies to find a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19.


SARS-CoV-2 Epidemiology And Response in Children (SEARCh) Study
SARS-CoV-2 Epidemiology And Response in Children (SEARCh)  is a prospective longitudinal household cohort study of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection and immune response in households with very young children. The study is particularly interested in documenting formal and informal childcare arrangements at the time of enrollment and throughout the course of the study, as we hypothesize that these interactions could serve as points of introduction of SARS-CoV-2 into households. Read More…

How Close are we to a Safe, Effective COVID-19 Vaccine
Dr. Ruth Karron, one of the top vaccine experts in the world, serving on vaccine committees for the CDC, the WHO, and the U.S. FDA recently spoke with Josh Sharfstein, professor and vice dean for public health practice and community engagement at the Bloomberg School, about where things stand in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine and how that process will unfold in the months ahead. This conversation is excerpted from the July 31 episode of the Public Health on Call podcast. Read more…

CIR and Community Leaders Collaborate to Foster COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Awareness
The CIR and local African American and Latinx community leaders are working together to ensure that these populations, which are at higher risk of COVID-19 related hospitalization and death, are well informed about the important role that licensed COVID-19 vaccines will play in reducing the spread of the virus. Read more…

Guardrails to Ensure a Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccine: Dr. Ruth Karron's Written Testimony
Dr. Karron’s written testimony from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Virtual Briefing held July 14,2020. Read more…

Dr. Anna Durbin Discusses COVID-19 Vaccine Development with Bill Nye
Dr. Anna Durbin recently participated in a podcast with Bill Nye best known from the hit TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Dr. Durbin and Bill Nye discuss COVID19 vaccine development, Project WARP Speed and what it will take to have a successful roll out of an effective vaccine. This podcast is not only informative but engaging and extremely well done. Listen to the full podcast

CIR's Mission
The Johns Hopkins Center for Immunization Research was founded to facilitate the development of new vaccines for infectious diseases of global importance

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