Project Save – Currently Enrolling

Project SAVE (Support a Vaccine Effort) is the adult recruitment program at the Center for Immunization Research.  The program is used to screen adult potential study participants to help determine their eligibility for specific clinical vaccine studies at the CIR.  Check below for studies that are currently enrolling.



Zika Investigational Vaccine Study (CIR 318)

The CIR is recruiting for a Zika investigational vaccine study (ZIKV Study).  The study is 6 months long and is scheduled for vaccination in September 2018.

This study includes:

  • 2-3 screening visits at CIR Hampton House to determine eligibility (1-2 hours each)
  • 1 vaccination visit to receive the investigational ZIKV vaccine or placebo (2-3 hours long)
  • 13 follow-up visits after vaccination (~30-60 minutes each)
    • frequent visits in the first 3 weeks, then they become more spread out
  • specimen collections throughout the study
  • $1520 compensation for completion of all study visits and procedures.

Call us at 410-955-SAVE (7283) or toll free 877-863-1374 to make an appointment OR fill out the CIR Contact Form

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